Wedding Music, Limos, Custom ceremonies

Create your very own distinctive and unique experience with these special offerings to add enchantment, enhance the moment and delight your guests. Over the years, we have assembled the best wedding musicians in our area. Nothing enhances and brings more ambiance to a wedding then beautiful live music. You can set the perfect mood and delight your guests with anyone of the many musical options we offer. Getting there is half the fun! Why not take a luxury limousine or a one-of-kind classic car to whisk you away to the reception?

Ask us about ways to enhance the wedding service with a Unity Candle, Rose or Sand ceremony! These add very distinctive touches that will make wonderful memories.

Music and Musicians

Savannah Weddings - Music Options

Our professional musicians will expertly perform live music to set a romantic mood and delight your guests. Select from many wonderful local Savannah wedding musicians and vocalists. They will set the mood with music as your guests arrive, and provide the perfect processional and recessional compositions. Choose from any of the following and please ask us if you don’t see something that you had in mind.

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Limousine Transportation

Savannah Weddings - Limousine Transportation

Arrive with elegance in a romantic horse drawn carriage or a luxury limousine. How better to travel through Historic Savannah than in a beautiful wedding carriage? Carriage rides begin from the downtown City Market and take about 45 minutes. Your guide will share the city’s history, architecture, romance and perhaps some ghost stories along the way.

Limousines can pick up the bridal party from their hotel and bring them to the wedding site. Arrive cool and comfortable in luxury with room for up to 10. After the ceremony the couple can then be taken in plush style to their reception or next destination.

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1949 Vintage Bentley Automobile

Savannah Weddings - Bentley Get-Away Car

This is a truly unique and elegant experience. Arrive in posh Savannah style in this beautifully restored vintage car. This automobile is classic white and has the smooth, flowing lines of the 40's. Enjoy the ride in complete air-conditioned comfort, so you can arrive comfortable and refreshed.

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1950 Classic Bentley Automobile

Savannah Weddings - Bentley Get-Away Car

This exquisite automobile, featured on The Fox Business Network program "Strange Inheritance" is certain to leave a lasting impression. The silver and black exterior is paired with a plush grey leather interior. Enjoy a complementary glass of bubbly or sparkling cider as you ride along in elegant style in Savannah's lovely historic district.

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Sand Ceremony

Savannah Weddings - Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony, with its possible origin in Hawaii, is a lovely alternative to the Unity Candle Ceremony, especially if your wedding is to take place outdoors. The symbolism is the same in that the “two shall become one”. The bride and groom each have a small bottle filled with a different color of sand. Taking turns, they each pour it into a lovely vase, blending their sands “lives” together which then become one. The vase and sand then make a beautiful keepsake.

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Unity Candle Ceremony

Savannah Weddings - Unity Candle

The Unity Candle Ceremony presents an enchanting and meaningful message that symbolizes the couple’s loving union in marriage. Throughout history the unity candle has symbolized our own inner light. When two people fall in love they kindle the fire in each other and in marriage they form one grand torch of love and endless possibilities. Our offering includes a complete unity candle set that will make a wonderful memento of the day. The Unity Candle Ceremony is usually performed after the exchange of rings and before the pronouncement.

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